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A small team of dedicated professionals, our lawyers come from diverse legal backgrounds and apply their knowledge, creativity and legal expertise to help our clients achieve their objectives. We are proud of our ability to service the needs of our clients.

Based in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory , Davison Legal takes pride in representing small businesses and contractors in many civil and criminal matters.

Why choose Davison Legal?

We have the experience.

Our specialist lawyers are highly experienced in all fields of legal matters, enabling them to provide top-notch legal services to clients from diverse backgrounds.

We are “easy” to understand.

We understand that legal matters can often be confusing. We explain complex legal concepts clearly and using language that our clients can easily understand.

We achieve results.

We are proud of the results we have achieved on behalf of our clients, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to individuals and businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are facing a legal issue or simply seeking to understand the legal process, we to provide clear and concise information about legal rights, case timelines, experience, and more.

The team at Davison Legal will assist you to make informed decisions when navigating any legal matters.

Simply give the team at Davison Legal a call on 0450 326 733 so we can discuss your requirements over the phone and arrange an initial meeting.

The duration of a case can vary significantly based on factors such as jurisdiction, case complexity, court type, and backlog. Civil cases like personal injury claims or contract disputes can take months to a few years, while criminal cases, especially complex ones, can also range from months to years. Appeals and court system efficiency play a role as well. For an accurate estimate, consulting a legal professional familiar with the case specifics is advisable.

The cost of hiring a lawyer in Australia varies depending on factors like the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, location, and billing structure. Hourly rates can range and additional expenses like court fees and disbursements need to be considered. To obtain a more accurate estimate, consulting Davison Legal on 0450 326 733 to discuss our fee structures.

The team at Davison Legal are qualified professionals with a deep knowledge and expertise in the law, and they can explain the legal terms, concepts, and processes involved in your case in a way that is easier for you to understand. They can provide clarity and guidance, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the legal implications and options available to you. It is important to communicate openly with your lawyer about any confusion or questions you have, as they are there to help you navigate the legal system and make informed decisions.

Yes, there is a possibility of settling matters outside of court in many legal cases. Settling outside of court can often be a faster, more cost-effective, and less adversarial way to resolve legal disputes. Parties involved in a legal matter can choose to engage in negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution processes to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. In these scenarios, lawyers play a crucial role in facilitating discussions, representing their clients’ interests, and assisting in reaching a settlement that satisfies both parties. Settling outside of court can provide more control over the outcome and can help avoid the uncertainties and expenses associated with a court trial. However, whether a case can be successfully settled outside of court depends on the willingness of all parties to negotiate and reach a compromise.

Principal – Judith Davison

Judith offers you the best of her expertise from her formal qualifications and from years of practical experience in law firms. Her formal qualifications are:

  • Bachelor of Economics University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD.
  • Bachelor of Business major in Finance, Northern Territory University Darwin NT.
  • Bachelor of Laws, Charles Darwin University Darwin NT.
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University Canberra ACT.

Call Judith direct on 0450 326 733 for all your legal needs.