Civil Law

We understand the intricate nature of civil law and the impact it can have on your life and livelihood.

Whether you’re dealing with a contractual dispute, personal injury claim, family law matter, or any other civil legal issue, our team of highly skilled and compassionate attorneys is here to provide you with expert guidance and representation. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and unwavering commitment to our clients, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of civil law and achieving the best possible resolution for your case.

Civil Litigation

Contract disputes usually concern a claim for a debt owed, or alternately defence of a debt claimed. Otherwise disputes are concerned with interpretation of a contact, misrepresentation, a claim for damages or other remedies. Contractors are concerned with ‘getting the job done’ properly and professionally, on time, on budget. They rightly expect to be paid for their work. Some employment companies do not pay their contractors on rendered invoices, or are reluctant to pay their contractors due to incomplete works, shoddy works, or otherwise. Either way, a dispute arises. The Local Court and the Supreme Court in the Northern Territory will hear cases on such disputes. We have successfully appeared for parties in both Courts.

Workplace Law

An example: a worker may have been injured at work, the employer refuses to acknowledge the workplace injury, injured worker remans unfit for work and is without income as a result. There are many and varied cases where the injured worker returns to work too soon, or the employer will not pay medicals or other expenses. What are the workers rights? We offer advice, and we can proceed your matter in all Australian States and Territories.